Saturday, 23 May 2015

Catarina Sobral II

I almost removed the hedgehog illustration (third down) from this post but then thought again, as this particular element reminded me of Tove Jansson's Monin illustrations with its bold colour and use of silhouette.
This is the beautiful work of Portuguese illustrator, animator and graphic designer Catarina Sobral. This book anthropomorphised the land and the seas enigmatically and delightfully pulls you into the story of 'La Serena Y Los Gigantes Enamorados' (The Mermaid and The Enamoured Giants). A reinterpretation of  the legend of Praia da Rocha a story that attempts to explain the rock formations at Da Rocha on the Portuguese coast. A lovely story about the sea and the mountain both falling in love with a mermaid. Catarina's works were exhibited at the Bologna Childrens Illustration Exhibition this spring.