Sunday, 24 May 2015

Laura Carlin III

'A World of Your Own' by Laura Carlin a perfect Sunday world, a world of wistful thoughts and daydreams, a day of contemplation . . . enjoy.
"If you were creating a world of your own, what would it look like? Would you build your house out of brick – or out of jelly? Would it be on the ground or in a tree? Would your shops sell envelopes and sweets – or shoes for superheroes? Would you ride a train to town, or a dinosaur?" Laura Carlin


  1. gorgeous.
    somehow calls to mind a line from timothy leary - '.......for every time you say club passwords like “have a nice day” and “weather’s awful today, eh?”, you yearn inside to say forbidden things like “tell me something that makes you cry” or “what do you think deja vu is for?”......'

    1. Thank you for that gift of poetry, and beautiful comment.

  2. I would love to ride a dinosaur to town, a nice, plant eating one obviously!

  3. I love Laura Carlin's work, thank you for reminding me! I wish I could draw in a way that seemed so uncontrived. I spend lots of time looking through my copies of The Promise and The Iron Man being inspired!