Friday, 22 May 2015

Heinz Kasper

Throngs of people flocked to the beach in Kinghorn in Fife last night excited to see the work of Austrian artist Heinz Kasper. Heinz works with light and colour in many forms including theatre, musical events, galleries, industrial and urban environments.

 Heinz is currently an artist in residence at the Robert Callender International Residency for Young Artists, sea loft in Kinghorn and was experimenting with light in the environment.
Last night was a prelude, an experiment, and I am looking forward to seeing how his work develops during his residency.
I hope that we will be treated to a spectacular event later in the year.
"Heinz Kasper is dedicated to exploring light in relation to colour, form and environment as a medium of creative expression. Aside from his light design activities in the spheres of performing arts, exhibitions and architecture, the oeuvre of Heinz Kasper also includes abstract colour compositions and digitally reprocessed photographic pieces."

 Above: The Sylvan Gate, Jerusalem project for the 2013 festival of lights.


  1. exciting.
    the first images reminds me of 'the ghost of water row'