Friday 1 December 2023

David Schell


Abstract studies of shape and colour by David Schell to start December. 

Thursday 30 November 2023

Jane McKenzie


All that was day is now night, we are still 21 days away from the longest night and yet the world has closed in, the moon is our sun. Its white worried face, wails out frost breath, cold comfort on the winter's day night.  

Paintings by Jane McKenzie.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Monday 27 November 2023

Eliana Marinari


Erased a series of portraits by Eliana Marinari created using pastel, ink, gesso, spray paint on paper mounted on panel.

Thursday 23 November 2023

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Ruby Wright II


Illustrator Ruby Wright has made some great observational drawings and illustrations from museum visits I adore the animation and interaction of the taxidermy specimens with the visitors. 

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Seosoo I

Illustrations by Seosoo what a balm and tonic these gentle sketches and drawings are. 

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Marty Molinari


So dark here it has been very wet and overcast for days, so a bright moonlight bathing fox by Marty Molinari is just the ticket. 

Monday 13 November 2023



It's 'Folktale Week', and every year I plan to participate and every year something gets in the way. So I started early . . . I am yet to know if I manage to complete.
The first theme/ prompt is 'Lost', in most fairytales the protagonists are lost in the forest, I wanted a different forest a forest of feathers. I have a collection of barn owl feathers that I had in mind. 
Feathers are like tree illustrations, I could imagine being tiny and lost in a forest of bird plumage. 

The illustration above was my first attempt, I felt this was a little to stiff, so I tried again to make it a little more tumultuous and panicked. 

Saturday 11 November 2023

Penny Thomson


For many years working with students we would create automata of various scales and flavours, finding Penny Thomson's works ignited the desire to make my own again, just delightful. Today I was hoping to be on Inchkeith Island counting seal pups, at other times of the year their is puffin counting and ringing. I cannot be there this time, I hope to be there very soon.

Friday 10 November 2023