Saturday, 30 May 2015

Alison Soye I

Alison Soye's illustration degree show treated us to a collection of ceramic plates decorated as food, installed in an exciting wall of 'Food For Thought', resembling a pin ball game.
Alison's work often focuses on food with wonderful illustrations of recipes and ingredients.
"The piece is essentially a celebration of food; bright and playful plates set against the drawn background are appealing to all ages and encourage the question of what, where, and how, we enjoy our food.I wanted the plates to be functional as well as aesthetic pieces of kitchenware, bringing people together around the table - encouraging conversations about, and engagement with, our food." Alison Soye
I love the way that ceramics still finds a place across the disciplines in Duncan of Jordanstone despite the decision, of all Scottish art colleges, to remove it from the curriculum several years ago. I still feel this was a grave mistake, a great loss to the culture of Scotland and a reduction of the skill and career options of  its creative community.