Friday, 29 May 2015

Anna Doherty II

Lifting the roof and peeping into the imaginary homes of Anna Doherty's 'Behind Closed Doors' lovely slab built ceramic dwellings that open out into the stories of the inhabitants is a great treat like opening presents.
"I am very interested in telling stories outwith the usual book format and finding new ways that the reader can interact with the narrative."
"Behind Closed Doors is also an interactive book experience based around Baile Nan Sgeulachd Dhìomhair, a town made of colourful ceramic houses and full of inhabitants who all have things/stories that they'd rather keep to themselves.The story is read through lifting the roofs off ceramic houses and inside each house – attached to the roof -  is a short story about its occupant printed on fabric. Each of the stories lead to another by mentioning another coloured house within the story, but as there are several houses of each colour, the story can be read in almost any order. I liked how this made the story not only interactive through physically lifting the house’s roofs, but also in that reader has a choice of which house to read next so that the order that it is read in is different every time." Anna Doherty