Saturday, 30 May 2015

Juliana Capes

I managed to get through to Edinburgh and catch the last day of The Hidden Door's Festival with my daughter and catch a little bit more of the Edinburgh College of Art Degree show which is on until Sunday the 7th of June.

In the warren of disused buildings at 'Hidden Door' there were many delights waiting to be discovered and some I hope to share with you.'Loveletters' is a joyous and colourful installation by Juliana Capes at The Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh.
 “Unrequited love letters. A flock of hand made watercolour dyed paper aeroplanes, appearing weightless and drifting, as if caught in flight. Their stillness resembling a moment of perfect sunset. Romance. A sculpture characterised by pattern and colour rather than mass or heaviness – so much so it’s often been described as painting in space.” Juliana Capes