Monday, 30 May 2016

Craig Black

Work by Craig Black from this years Duncan of Jordanston Degree Show.

'Craig embraces that to experience love, one must also experience pain. His work marks a point of commemoration of what has been, whilst celebrating what is yet to come; encouraging him to value time and hold close his family, friends and memories.
Craig’s practice also allows him to work with disability, establishing himself in a physical way by leaving his unique mark on a piece; linking to the existentialist understanding of living authentically, by living honestly with the self. He works in a tactile manner, using sculpture, printmaking, video and audio and stitch work to make poignant pieces filled with meaning, which in turn encourages the viewer to explore their own experiences whilst enabling him to express himself. His practice is rooted in nostalgia, sensitivity, melancholy and honesty, allowing him to preserve his memories and make physical his emotions, experiences and thoughts.'

Craig's work was very intimate; through casts of held hands, you were encouraged to make contact, to hold the cast hand and thereby hold hands, connect and understand.