Sunday, 29 May 2016

Gavin Donaldson

Gavin Donaldson produced oil paintings on unstretched canvas and beautiful portraits in pen. 

"My work explores identity, through the mediums of painting and drawing; mark-making with the intention of moving away from the hectic pace in which images are exposed to the public. Interest in the figure blooms out of the exploration of relationships between myself and others and observing the psychodynamics of a person within their environment/amongst peers. Influenced by the impact and use of images in media and how the false permanence that is attained in photography has skewed perception – resulting in people sacrificing their own morale’s or beliefs in order to maintain an outward appearance of coherence. Many would follow as opposed to create, wear a mask rather than reveal and celebrate uniqueness and differences."
"There are now no memories without photographic aids, yet the photo tends to replace the memory and rather than regale the viewer with tales  . . ." Gavin Donaldson