Monday, 18 November 2013

A Hungry Cat Cooking

This is my illustration from Saturday's workshop with Sara Ogilvie. We were given three lists to choose our: character, attribute and activity from, a great way to get inspired. 
Now I want to do a whole series of cooking cats. 
This of course is Bellissimo and his wild food kitchen


  1. I like this image very much.

    I have just been writing about visual grammar and plasticity in images. Your work very much uses these features of visual thinking

    You may know our work - we are Two Bad Mice Publishers. We are always looking for teh correct artists to fit in our company profile and will be following your blog

    best wishes


    my blog is

  2. Haha, this is a funny one!
    Barbara Bee

  3. une illustration qui met de bonne humeur

  4. I love the cooking cat- what a cool illustration!

  5. Spiders in a frying-pan? Ouch!

    Lovely scribbly cat.

  6. I love the arrogance of cats! So fun to see your illustrations