Monday, 10 June 2013

Jodie Pankhurst

The strange thing that I have noticed so far about the degree shows in the Scottish Art Schools this year, is the sudden prevalence of ceramics across many departments. Just as the colleges have removed all ceramics degrees there is a resurgence of interest. It is hard to put back what has been lost, and I wonder at the judgement of those who removed the ceramic departments from Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow Schools of Art.

Jodie Pankhurst is an illustration graduate from ECA this year and she has been making illustrative ceramics, that support the two dimensional work she has been developing, but also stand as art in their own right.
"My degree show explores the theme of 'home' combining my deep-rooted interest with community demographics and an ever-growing fascination with material culture culminating in what I hope are a collection of sensitive and warm ceramic depictions of five international personalities I have been conversing with." Jodie Pankhurst