Tuesday, 11 June 2013

JR Artist

While inspired by themes of community, humanity and home and then seeing this image juxtaposed next to Jodie Pankhurst I had to post it up. I love this image and the work and ideas of Parisian JR Artist, for it encapsulates and exposes humanity in all its wonder and horror. 
The work challenges, creates and bonds communities is powerful and has magic. 
The top image is in Marseille using a photograph of the 1966 class photo of one of the inhabitants of the "Belle de Mai" neighbourhood and pasted on 5 different houses using the anamorphic technique. The bottom image is also in Marseille. 
With these works the art continues through peoples interaction and reaction to the pieces, I have never thought of exhibitions, display or graffiti like this . . . about the reaction being art as well. . .

1 comment:

  1. Je suis fan de toujours.
    J'aime sa démarche de création. Grandiose.
    ça me plaît de le voir chez vous, Hazel.
    Bonne journée
    XX Dom