Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mozneko IV

This is my fourth post featuring Mozneko this month, but the lovely warmth of this illustration is just perfect for today . . . Happy Christmas.


  1. Happy Christmas, Hazel...
    à vous et à votre famille.
    Merci pour toute la magie que vous nous offrez tout au long de l'année...
    XXXX Dom

  2. HAPPY CHRISTMAS HAZEL! Have a wonderful day... here in Rome is a beautiful, sunny day and I hope to be able to walk in a park even after eating a lot at lunch (we use to have soup with tortellini, a mix of boiled meat with different sausages and potatoes with hand-made maionnaise!) - and thanks for this further present of yours...

  3. Magical fire burning colors, I wish you too a happy Christmas & joyful Wintertime :)

  4. yes, very lovely warmth! thank you as well for sharing all the inspiration here!
    merry christmas for you!

  5. Lovely.. he almost glows. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Hazel!