Thursday, 27 December 2012

Successes . . . cloud and forest.

Successes so far for this holiday have been the Christmas snow cloud, which nearly didn't make it but I love so it may stay after Christmas, and another almost didn't make it Tarte au chocolat de la forêt (the trees fell over, but then when planted just before serving, stayed up).
I hope you have had a lovely break with lots of fun and success.


  1. I like this snow cloud effect. May I ask how you made it?

    1. Hello Janet
      I sellotaped balloons together, then papermached with white paper (use 4 layers).
      It has a loop of fishing line to suspend it.
      I was going to put it over the central light but I was worried about fire.
      I had a net of Christmas lights that I threaded through instead, some are inside it.