Thursday, 1 November 2012

Adam Neate

Of all the images I have viewed lately the top picture here by Adam Neate has stayed with me.

"  I spent a decade leaving paintings on the streets "Those years were my art school. I learnt about colour and composition simply though practise. The critics were there every day.." Adam Neate

These works by Adam Neate are on cardboard, they are not easy images, they are quite distressed especially added to the distress of the medium. I also think his style here is very reminiscent of the work of Francis Bacon.

"I couldn't afford canvases but where I lived there was a lot of cardboard in the street, I would collect it and reuse it. I have used it for so many years and developed different techniques, using different sizes and shapes. I am tentative to use canvas, because with cardboard it doesn't cost anything so you are free to do what ever you want."  Adam Neate