Thursday, 1 November 2012


Movember dawned this morning and for months I have pledged that I will have a moustache every day for work. I have to say that this did not appeal this morning, especially the walk to work, however a pledge is a pledge. Freya helped me grow a really good tash and it has been on all day. 
Tonight she has been looking at different styles of moustache so I dread to think what will grow on my lip in the morning.


  1. My daughter Hazel loved to wear a moustache to school when she was about 8. And she had a moustache birthday party. My Hazel's favourite was "The Dali. And don't forget a fu man chu is rather fetching!

    1. :-D Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions, I am so happy you have a Hazel X I will go for a Fu Man Chu on a happy day C-:

  2. Bless her - that's just gorgeous.

  3. i wonder if you will miss your fancy stache in december...