Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Damian Aquiles

Damian Aquiles is a Cuban artist who in this series has used old cans as a canvas. 
"I like to work with used materials, for the concentrated energy that emanates from them, they have a lot of light. I don't work with trash, but with last life.
Those materials have a previous history. My art pieces concentrate on that energy. I continue it's life by recycling it, by using it's previous life, energy, and history to tell my own story." Damian Aquiles


  1. Yes, these panels are very beautiful, very... attractive. Every piece of art that comes from recycled materials has a special charm, because there is not only the touch of man, there is a breath that precedes it.

  2. These are so beautiful - and yes, the recycled element adds such a richness. They are reminding me of Australian artist, Rosalie Gascoigne