Sunday, 29 April 2012

Emanuele Luzzati

Emanuele Luzzati's bright, lively and very happy alphabet figures.


  1. Emanuele Luzzati! He was so good Hazel, I invite everyone to have a look at his animations on YOUTUBE. And these little collages are a great sample of his work, living and expressive creatures (and their entire world: woods, animals, castles, towns...) coming out from the assembling of different materials and all together making part of a joyful and refined fresco. I can't even imagine how happy he was while working!

    1. :D Thank you Daniel, I loved looking through all of his available work on the web.
      I would love to see more I think I may have to visit Genova soon.
      I always find I smile when I am drawing smiles.

  2. you're right, they really look happy! I wish you a nice Sunday!

  3. It's a shame, I know, but I myself have never been visiting the Luzzati museum in Genova... Let me know, we may arrange a beautiful trip_date there sooner or later!

  4. So great this illustrations!

  5. Wonderful illustrator, love those alphabet figures! I just did a post on Emanuele Luzzati and a book he illustrated, Punch and the Magic Fish. If you would like to view it go to:
    I included a link to your post as I came upon your blog when researching this illustrator.