Friday, 2 December 2011

Zdeněk Miler III

I had to post some more Zdeněk Miler pictures, I do think they would be great inspiration for surface/textile designers. The patterns in the foliage and flora are beautiful.


  1. I agress, these would look great on fabric!

  2. Wow I always get filled with joy seeing: Krtek.. my mother was czech so I also grew up with him (as well as my other fav. the japanese animation Kimba the white lion!) but the Czechs are brilliant at animation, illustration and childrens fairytales in film! Another czech character I loved is Ferda Mravenec (the ant) with his ladybird girlfriend.... joy joy joy

  3. "Ah jo":)- the main charakter used to sigh in funny way. I grew up with him too:)