Thursday, 1 December 2011

Zdeněk Miler II

I just wanted to honour the passing of a great graphic designer and animator Zdeněk Miler who's work was always full of gentle kindness and good humour.
If you don't know his works then I urge you to spend some time exploring his fifty Mr Mole animations. All accessible through their lack of verbal language and a great window on mid 20th century graphic design. The images I have choosen are all from Mr Mole the Painter.


  1. Thank you.

    Mr Mole is all my childhood film (I'm from Poland)
    Now my son is watching it with the same joy.


  2. We have watched Mr Mole countless times. It's a big favourite at home. The sound is beautifully done. A Czech friend gave my daughter a Mr Mole book with the story of the two hares that fall in love, the female gets pregnant and Mr Mole is the "midwife". The illustrations are very explanatory. The hare has birth pains and we even get to see the baby hares coming out. :-) It's a shame that the translation to English isn't the best but the story is great!

  3. This's my first introduction to Zdeněk's work... such an awesome genuine animation, I loved it :)

  4. Agata thank you, and thank goodness for the internet allowing us to share classic much loved creations like Mr Mole with our children.

    Maria I saw this book animated last night with my daughter.

    Hussam I am so proud to have introduced you to this genius man's work.