Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lock up the cat . . .

It is wild and stormy here in Scotland. One of the most beautiful trees in my garden was killed by the wind yesterday (a lilac), that I loved for feeding the butterflies and sheltering the birds. The tree damage has been terrible, it is the wrong time of year for such ferocious winds. With the loss of habitat and shelter the birds are suffering also, and two blackbird fledgelings have already been bought to my attention, one past saving, the other one fine. Anyway with these and many other thoughts, I started a new series called, 'Lock up the cat and let the birds play'. I have to say, with inspiration thrown into the mix by Laura.


  1. I love how you interpreted the cage theme!
    And I'm very sorry for your lilac, it's really sad
    when a beautiful tree dies...

  2. We had it pretty windy down here in Oxford y'day although no where near as bad as you... todays beautiful though so maybe that's what the weatherman has in store for you guys tomorrow..x

  3. That is a great image!

    Hope the wind damage is not too great for all the wildlife, we lost fruit & things in our garden and we are way down in the southwest, so must have been so strong where you are..