Monday, 27 December 2010

Claire Basler

Claire Basler is a French painter of flora, who uses monumental scale, her works remind me of the great French painters, an obvious analogy being Monet.
Claire also designs ceramics and textiles. I love the scale of her work, and the obvious enthusiasm and love of her subject.


  1. Wow, beautiful, delicate and great artist! love the picture of her workspace, what a wonderful atmosphere!

  2. Stunning!!
    Imagine having a painting of Claire's on a bedroom wall, what a joy to wake up too!

  3. Love her work, stunning! The scale makes it really interesting as well.

  4. I saw a fabulous article about her and her amazing converted engineering workshop home in The World of Interiors in 2003 when I was in France and (embarrassingly) didn't pluck up the courage to go and visit her open studio!! Kicking myself now ;-)