Monday, 27 December 2010

Murine Kate Dineen

Murine Kate Dineen loves colour "colour is the point of my work". Kate has spent a lot of time in India including a two and a half year scholarship with Gyarsilai Varma a famous practitioner of araash. Varma taught Kate how to mix pure white marble dust from Makrana with slaked lime and pigment to create a paste. This is then layered to create a build up of intense colour that drys to a hardness of rock, that is then rubbed down and polished.
Like chalk or play dough Kate's work has the purity of colour that is childhood, the intense joy of colour on new eyes.


  1. Happy New year Hazel-san!! Wish all will be so so well with You! love kinkong

  2. Love the top photo - looks like giant smarties and such wonderful colours!

  3. Hazel! I like your new blog template!
    And this post: so wonderful on a gray day!
    (here are a few extra exclamation marks too !!!!! …!)

  4. je me joins à Rob. J'aime beaucoup le changement de forme de votre art room plant