Friday, 24 May 2019

Štěpán Zavřel IV

If ever there was a book for our times it is this one: 'The City of Flowers' written by Eveline Hasler and illustrated by Štěpán Zavřel (1932-1999) originally published in 1987. Republished in 2016 by Bohem Press Italy

Once upon a time, there was a city, whose inhabitants loved flowers very much and cultivated them everywhere. People knew how to enjoy small things and how to overcome difficulties by appreciating nature and the beauty around themselves.  However one day a mayor convinces them that this was a great waste of time and ordered the removal of all the plants and even the butterflies to the cemetery of dreams. 
The city then became gray and sad. 



But one day, two children discovered the secret garden where all the plants had been hidden. The children, with the help of a thunderstorm release the flowers and butterflies. With flowers and butterflies, the colors and the joy returns to the city and everyone's hearts.

The children had been brave and observant enough to see what was missing from everyone's lives and had restored the balance.

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