Saturday, 24 March 2018

Jolanta Lysková

Illustrations from 'Jak Husa Malovala' a book of verse written by Jana Moravcova  in 1969. Illustrated by Jolanta Lysková in a fantastic, bold graphic woodcut style referencing folk art traditions of Eastern Europe but blending these with fabulous mid twentieth century design. Jolanta was born in 1939 and studied at Prague University of Applied Arts from 1959-1965. She has illustrated for children and adults, and worked for magazines; Sluníčko and Mateřídoušek.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Janosch III

I am constantly drawn by the delicate painterly beauty of Janosch's early works. these illustrations are from Joshua and the Magic Fiddle published in the 1960's. It tells the tale of  the son of a charcoal burner who is to small and weak to follow his father's profession. A bird gives him a magic fiddle and teaches him a special song that can make things bigger and stronger.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Daisy Mrázková II

Daisy Mrázková's 'Haló, Jácíčku' published in 1972 has wonderful pools of nature illustrations.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Daisy Mrázková I

Daisy Mrázková (1923-2016) lived in Prague and was an artist and printmaker married to the painter Jiří Mrázk, they had three children together a daughter and two sons.  Daisy was a member of the Czech artists´ forum Umělecká Beseda with its independent U12 group. Her work is bold and abstract, reminiscent of wild landscapes often using monotypes as a basis.

In the 1950's Daisy turned her attention to creating children's books, where she created imaginary worlds of kindness and cooperation between people, animals and toys. Her children's books were mainly published in Japan. These images are from the book Neplač, muchomůrko published in 1969

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Karl Schrade I

I simply loved this bright almost silhouette design of end paper by Karl Schrade (1915-1981) for the book 'Eichhörnchen Pinselohr' written by Nils Werner about a busy squirrel in a zoo.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Erich Gürtzig III

Erich Gürtzig's 'Köynig Kater' published in 1979 is a story about making and sharing meals. It is in the early 1970's psychedelic, woodcut style.

Sunday, 18 March 2018


There are times when I am simply stunned by the beauty of Japanese design and craftsmanship, today I found these miniscule crochet pieces by Tralalala Lab, not only are they exquisite, but the photography of them is just delightful to.

Erich Gürtzig II

'Die Miezi sagt zur Maus' 1969 written by Erich Weinert, is a wonderful, bright book with stamped illustrations by Erich Gürtzig 

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Erich Gürtzig I

How I found Erich Gürtzig (1912-  this morning I have no idea, I am sure to German readers of this blog he is very well known, having published many books in Germany. This one is "Stork Schnapp' published in 1968. As one day I would love to see cranes nesting, it was this book that I pursued originally, but I will attempt to share others as Erich had many diverse and wonderful styles of illustrating and published over 100 books. 

Erich Gürtzig

Friday, 16 March 2018

Noëlle Lavaivre III

'Un Soir Sans Lune' 1963 written and illustrated by Noëlle Lavaivre is the story of an elephant who has an accident in a laundry.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Noëlle Lavaivre II

Nandor et Papillote was published in 1958 written and illustrated by Noëlle Lavaivre.