Saturday, 18 August 2018

Sweet Potato Baby

I found this poor little man in the vegetable basket, I wish I could plant him but it is getting very autumnal here in London and he would not thrive.

Friday, 17 August 2018


Today I returned to one of my favourite children's bookshops, in Muswell Hill, London, and treated myself to Marianna Coppo's 'Petra' which I introduced here two years ago.
This shop is a delight in every way. To be fair I was never going to walk out empty handed, it has passionate and knowledgeable staff and of course, a stunning array of books and I am really happy to have Petra as a new addition to my library because, 'she's a rock and she knows how to roll'.

Svetlana Minkova I

Svetlana Minkova splices imagination with reality, creating a beguiling world of detail and joy from collage.
"Gagosin, Lappa and blue-blue tea" is an award winning book of short, interconnected stories about tiny creatures who search for a cozy shelter.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Тамара Коломієць

I imagine that some of these illustrations will have been created using stencil screen printing, they are squintingly bold and bright from a book of poems for children "Котилося котильце" (1969) by Ukrainian poet Тамара Коломієць.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Nuria Benítez Redondo

Barcelona based illustrator Nuria Benítez Redondo has used crumbs as a metaphor for migration and refuge in this clever book 'Migas Migrantes' published in 2012. Migas Migrantes is a creative visual narrative, created using a combination of photography, print and rubber stamps, telling tales of the journeys of nomadic bread people (crumbs).
"From bread to mustache, from mustache to table, from table to floor, from floor to broom, from broom to bucket, from bucket to street ... "

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Marie Paccou

I am relocating to London for a few weeks and so Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road' seems a good way to set off. This is one of Marie's many amazing flip films. 

"This project began with a media library workshop, for which I prepared examples of flip-books drawn from the books. It amused me to ask the children to draw on the books; the rest of the time obviously it is strictly prohibited. And then I continued the series, for me. I wanted tangible, palpable, when working on a computer I find something magical about the idea that in every book, a movie is waiting for me." 
Wonderful 'Flip Book' animations by Marie Paccou,

Monday, 13 August 2018

William Stobbs III

A further book featuring cats by Joan Cass (1901-1994) and illustrated by William Stobbs (1914-2000), this is 'The Canal Trip' published in 1966.

Gunnie Moberg

Above: Sheep Fort, Skerry, south of Ruskholm

I also saw the Gunnie Moberg exhibition at Stills Gallery last week. Gunnie Moberg (1941-2007) had a strong connection to Orkney: the place, its people and its landscape, this was a timely exhibition as some friends of mine from Australia had just made a spirited visit to the islands in a van with only four days to spend on the trip.

Gunnie Moberg shared this spirit and determination after visiting Orkney in 1975, to see her friend George Mackay Brown, returned home and announced to her husband, sculptor Tam MacPhail, and four sons they would be relocating, she had fallen in love with the islands.

                                                       Above: George Mackay Brown with Gypsy 1990
"Moved up with my family the following year, 1st of March 1976. At Scrabster the weather was so bad the St Ola couldn’t get in and it wasn’t much better the next day, when we sailed. Everything looked grey, where did my family think I was taking them? However, as we sailed in to Stromness, the sky opened up and the sun shone on all the little stone cottages and piers, thank Gud. That was the last time we were going to see the sun for a month! The wind raged, sea spray was coming over Marwick Head but we were cosy in our rented cottage in Birsay." Gunnie Moberg

Gunnies photographs of the islands seem like studies in flesh, they show the age of the land and the scars of man, they are potently bleak  and abstractly beautiful.

Above: Looking Back at you Stromness 1978

Her portraits are full of fun, love and warmth for her subjects. The exhibition runs at Stills until the 28th October. and there is a partner exhibition of the lovely films of Margaret Tait (1918-99).

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta lives and works in Mumbai, India, This year she is exhibiting; 'For in your tongue I cannot hide: 100 Jailed Poets', as part of the Edinburgh Arts Festival at the Fire Station ECA. This was a visual and sound installation in the dark tiled confines of the gallery space.

 A multitude of Microphones suspended from the ceiling are ready to whisper in your ears and in the heavy darkness, just visible, the impaled thoughts and poems of political prisoners.

It moved me. I could too easily imagine my words impaled, my thoughts and dreams caged, my love outside the walls.