Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happy Birthday Brian Wildsmith II

Looking at these two examples of Brian Wildsmith's illustrations with the almost abstract/ haphazard positioning  of the elements in the white space I can understand why Brian Wildsmith is held with such high regard in Japan.These particular work have a very Japanese style of illustration that I recognise in modern Japanese illustrators work.

In Japan and bizarrely not his home land Brian Wildsmith is honoured with a museum dedicated to his work in Izukogen, a town south of Tokyo which houses eight hundred of his paintings. The museum was founded 19 years ago by Michiko Nomura, who had been an art dealer in Paris before being a freelance curator. Michiko Nomura established the Brian Wildsmith museum after falling in love with Brian's work when it was included in a group show of British Illustrators that she curated.


  1. Oh I have always loved him! Such an interesting story & yes I can see how the Japanese would love him also!

  2. I love Brian Wildsmith, thank you for reminding me about his work! The museum looks brilliant too, another good reason to visit Japan one day :)