Friday, 23 January 2015

Brian Wildsmith III

A last blast of colour to celebrate the work of Brian Wildsmith. When describing his work and working process Brian often uses the analogy of music;
"I use what I call the Mozartian method. Mozart had an idea totally impregnated on his mind. And I work like that. ForABC I didn’t make sketches or anything. I drew straight onto the page and painted on top of that in gouache. The turtle was drawn entirely in paint, without any pencil."
"When I’m painting, there often comes a stage when something isn’t happening right and I have to start again until all the music and all the notes are becoming intertwined and they make what to me is a beautiful image of what I want to present." Brian Wildsmith

1 comment:

  1. This cat is beautiful it's a real little tiger !
    Mozart is a truly inspiring composer, I love the Jupiter symphony!