Thursday, 23 July 2020

Super Slug

Is it terrible that I, about to debut at long last as a children's author/illustrator, take such delight in a bad ending, a sad ending? 

Am I already jaded with the saccharine of formulaic children's literature, should all children's books have happy endings, isn't it a little patronizing and just a little too neat and expected? This could really be a subject to explore for a PHD but I am no longer wishing to study after years of teaching and studying I want to make children's books more than anything else. 

But this was not a children's book, it was a zine in response to a picture of a slug flying through the air on a thread of gossamer outside a photographer's 8th-floor condo, and I allowed myself the joy of making a lovable character and then subtly killing him off  . . . 

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