Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Sabina Hahn

Sabina Hahn has been illustrating 'omens and superstitions' by Philippa Waring They are great fun to explore.

Double Fruit: 'It is lucky to find any fruit growing double, and if you take such and share it with a friend then you can both have a wish answered.'

Elbow Biting, 'There is a strange belief recorded in parts of rural England that if you want to get your own back on someone who has been making your life hard for you then just bite your elbow and he will get drenched in a thunderstorm.'

Eggshells 'The safest way to avoid any trouble with eggshells is to completely crush the shells, for the Scots believe that witches collect up those left whole and will use them to sail the sea and sink the ships of honest seafarers.'

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