Monday, 25 June 2018

Joey Sim

Joey Sim's graduation show at Gray's School of Art was fluid amorphous paintings, layers of colour opaque and translucent building up into a wave of sea kissed pebbles, an impression of the tide.
Joey Sim takes inspiration from old maps of the Kingston area, and the coastline where the River Spey meets the North Sea and uses found beach combed objects to make brushes. Using ink, and oil layers on sandwiches of dense ply that have been glued, clamped and sanded before having canvas applied.

A Memory The tide is high as we watch the waves. My friend says that every seventh wave is a big one, so we crouch down and count. We shout to be heard over the roar of the sea and the wind and the rush of stones being sucked up and spat out again. There is excitement, but a sense of vulnerability too, as we are young, and the sea seems to be coming for us. Joey Sim

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