Sunday, 24 June 2018

Ashley Figgis

It is good to be challenged, to not know what you are seeing and Ashley Figgis's degree show at Gray's School of Art, certainly succeeded in bemusing and generating wonder in it's audience.

Ashley had sliced and excavated potatoes, dried them, and stitched or varnished some of them all.
Some were suspended others arranged on shelves and walls, all were fascinating.

"A key element of my practice is the idea that you can made from anything. I enjoy working with materials which aren't expected  - specifically, a material which I frequently use in my work is the potato. I enjoy taking an object with pre-existing connotations and using it as a material with which to produce new objects which no longer share those associations and are almost completely unrecognisable from their original form. By using natural, biodegradable material to create art from, there is always an uncertainty towards how the art piece will change over time." Ashley Figgis

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