Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Isla Rustrick

Inspired by Iris Apfel, Isla Rustrick has created some beautiful illustrations of this fashion icon and a fabulous concertina book. Isla has graduated from Dundee's Duncan in textile design.
"In response to our excessive consumer culture, my collection focuses on emotionally durable knitwear, targeting women over the age of 40. Fashion icon, Iris Apfel, was quoted saying “I enjoy the thrill of the chase, the discovery and the endless search”. After considering how our elders once purchased clothing, I discovered a distinction between style and fashion. Aged 78, Lynn Dell, declares “My philosophy of fashion says ‘me too’ while style says ‘only me’” when featuring in “Advanced Style”, a documentation of flamboyant seniors. My research revealed that ‘exuberance’ is essential in choosing a timeless garment." Isla Rustrick

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