Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hannah George

This is part of Hannah George's degree show at Dundee's 'Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design'. Hannah has graduated in Jewellery and Metal Design. Her work has for her final year been exploring porcelain, enjoying its plasticity and its infuriating unpredictability as a medium.
Hannah's work has also been a scream at the current state of society and the place and status of the woman and the continuing battle for equality, collaging black and white images from recent protests with her bright pink and blue ceramic forms her work shouted out and was heard.

 "My main inspiration behind the theme was the comments made by Donald Trump about women over the years. It really made me think about how a person in a position of power could have such an effect on not only women but the world. His comments even provoked marches worldwide and sparked so much debate between people. I was really effected by his Presidential win as I felt it was a step back for society and a step back for the women’s rights movement. To me it felt like the world was saying that it was OK to talk about women and people in a downgrading manner."

"My final pieces are all about saying that the media can have their opinions about a woman’s appearance but we will fight back and we will not conform to a society of sexist ideologies. The distorted bobble head characters are all about beauty standards and there unrealistic ideas of the female face and body. The large cherry red lips are a symbolise of sexualising women. I have also chosen a colour palette of baby pink and blue to symbolise men and women both having opinions of the way in which a women should look. The collage is all about female empowerment and the impact of the women’s rights movements over the decades." Hannah George    

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