Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What I am up to: The Fruitmarket Book Fair I

Two months ago I put in an application to be part of the Fruitmarket Gallery artists book fair, I have never been to a book fair like this before and I certainly have not participated in one, but I thought it would be an enjoyable challenge and a way of processing some of my work into an accessible format.

I have a to-do list from early in January and strangely nothing on the list has been done, as I learned how to make something that I have called revealers. 
Initially, I created bearded men, with things written into their beard hair. Then I woke up one night and thought of a cat who likes cheese (as you do). This has evolved into a whole series of cats. Revealers unfold so that you can see what is hidden in the fold. In the 'This Cat' series it reveals what 'This Cat' likes to eat. 
 I made them into card/ posters, to start with as something very affordable for the fair. It was only in the last two weeks that I worked out a method to make them into books and then decided to make prints.

'This cat' has grown into 'This Pigeon', 'This Rabbit', 'This Crow' and 'This Seagull' and I am thoroughly exhausted. I think I have done a years work in eight weeks, but I am happy, it has been really good fun. Now I am packaging them ready for the Fruitmarket Book Fair which is in Edinburgh this weekend and also trying to get them on my website by the weekend so that people elsewhere can buy them.


  1. Brilliant. My cat loves cheese.

  2. Well I certainly hope the publishers nibble (and bite, chew and swallow whole) too! Fabulous work Hazel