Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What am I up to: The Fruitmarket Fair II

Days start early in my studio, and as the sun rises, I have a visitor who knocks on my velux window to say he has arrived and I go out to feed the animals; currently one seagull, one rabbit, four chickens and a black cat.

I love my wild gull, he gets very demanding in the spring when he has young, but the reward is that their maiden flights are always over to our roof. The rest of the year he is an ever-present beauty and wonder, a silent companion standing patiently on the glass above my head.
I had to make revealer gulls their expandable crops make them the perfect muses.
The starfish image I did actually see, as a gull gulped two starfish down one after another and I could see the shape of them in the bird's gullet.

These images make me smile, I hope you like them too. Books, cards, and posters will be on sale at The Fruitmarket Gallery on Saturday and Sunday and they are slowly making it into my website shop as well.


  1. The very expressive seagull! They are endearing birds :-)

  2. We used to have gulls nesting on the roof opposite my office. We reckoned they lived off the fish and chips discarded from a nearby chippy. I loved to see them.