Monday, 22 August 2016

Art Late III: Made to be Broken

Made to be broken is a powerful instillation and performance piece. which was performed at Platform 16 Edinburgh. A collaboration between Paloma Proudfoot, Aniela Piasecka and Jamie Robson. As you can see from the images this was a very physical and challenging show. Violent interactions accompanied by music, interspersed with silence, stillness and breath. 

The performance was concluded with the smashing of one of Paloma Proudfoot's fine ceramic pieces to gasps of the audience. What was astounding was the nervous silence, the tight chests of held breath during the physical interactions of the performers (Aniela Piasecka and Jamie Robson) and then the out pouring of breath as the breaking of the ceramic artefact.

"The vulnerability of these pieces is emphasised by the ritual performance Piasecka and Robson have developed. Just like the sculpture they will interact with, the routine steadily breaks down, delving further with each repetition into the self-defeating impulse at the heart of the work. With each fight, the broken remnants of sculpture become heirlooms of their ill-fated relationship."