Sunday, 21 August 2016

Art Late II. Jo Spence

The second delight in the Art Late tour was an exhibition of Jo Spence's work at The Stills Gallery. Jo's collaborative self portraits put a mirror up to the world that shaped her, personally and societally.
"Traditionally, the portrait is typified by the notion that people can be represented by showing aspects of their 'character'. We understand the portrait differently. Instead of fixity, to us it represents a range of possibilities which can be brought into play at will, examined, questioned, accepted, transformed, discarded. Drawing on techniques learned from co-counselling, psycho-drama and the reframing technique we began to work together to give ourselves and each other permission to display 'new' visual selves to the camera." Rosy Martin and Jo Spence

Jo Spence (1934-1992) questioned and challanged everything in her photography it is raw, confrontational and deeply personal, and though she died over twenty years ago now, her archive of 'questions' to normaility still needs answers today.