Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mike Inglis

Mike Inglis's sun dome has landed in Cupar it looks surreal, something like an alien dwelling in an old episode of Dr Who. This installation brings lots of calm and joy with it. I particularly loved watching children take their time to contemplate the space and get lost in the details of the panels.

 "Utilising structural theory born out of the eco movement of the 1960’s and Lloyd Kahn’s geodesic dome designs Mike Inglis project creates an architectural mix media assemblage. The installation combines traditional materials with new print making technologies, laser engraving acrylic panels and spray painting complete this three dimensional “print”. 
This site specific environmental intervention is situated in the green space of Cupar’s riverside park within a ring of sentinel trees. The construction explores ideas based around visual perception, codes of abstraction and versions of reality seeking links with diverse theories surrounding epileptic visual auras, bioenergetics and sacred geometries. 
Cupar Arts festival has been growing and growing as has its reputation as a serious organization which has such a positive approach to taking art out of traditional gallery spaces and into the heart of the community. It’s a real pleasure to be invited to show at the festival but even more importantly at a time of crisis in arts funding to actually be supported in making new work and developing my practice. It should also be mentioned that the dome would never have been fabricated on budget or with the level of precision it displays without the gracious assistance of my friend and fellow creative Douglas Kelso who gave amazing help and support." Mike Inglis