Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kate Downie

Kate Downie is an artist who I have long admired and she is a wonderful person. I was surprised by her work at Cupar but I enjoyed it immensely and even more so now that I realise how much the reality had been tampered with.
I had noticed the tilt of the floor propelling me towards the window, but I didn't know the whole floor had been reconstructed, as well as 'drawn', with every floor board and feature of the room delineated.
'Gaps, Distortions and Downright Lies: a complete re-configuration of space, in drawing.Kate Downie’s transformation of the former ‘judge’s chambers’, which was attached to Cupar’s recently closed court, seeks to activate the survival instincts of the audience, taking them to the threshold between what is often seen but seldom observed, and what is imagined but rarely confronted.'