Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Lucy Emma Wayman I

Yesterday, I visited the Edinburgh College of Art degree show and saw the work of Lucy E Wayman whose work at this show is very like textile, macrame or tapestry Here is her spiders-web of tights weighted with stones.
' Lucy's sculpture works revolve around material form, contrasts and constraints. She is interested in playing with contrasting preconception of objects and their functions especially in relation to the human body. Her bodies of works such as Let Down, and Home Sweet Home rely heavily on the artist’s presence and touch within the works, experimenting with repetitive structures and soft materials. They aim to evoke emotional responses based on relationships, whether it be to a person, object or place. The presence of generational craft techniques, such as weaving, lends an emotive tension between the hard and soft materials.'


  1. intersting tapestry, thank you

  2. For a moment there i thought they were bones or hooves..