Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Emilio Cresciani

Photographer Emilio Cresciani works with the ignored and unnoticed  be it; portraits of waste, the landscape of nightime road maintainence or the beauty of bird poo.
Flight Patterns, "These works explore the idea that beauty is all around us and in places that we least expect it. Each black and white photograph highlights the patterns and textures of bird droppings on different pavements. I became fascinated by the delicate patterns, creamy white textures and circular shapes and sprays during a visit to Venice, Italy and I noticed that over time the patterns fade or are added to with more layers and sprays.The patterns are a landscape overlaid onto another landscape – the brick pavements, concrete slabs and wooden boards that we walk on each day. The splats contrast the straight lines of the pavements. This work continues my interest in waste and finding beauty in the overlooked aspects of our lives." Emilio Cresciani