Thursday, 1 October 2015

Adrian Gauci

Adrian Gauci's MA show introduced us to 'Notable Cutlery Through Time and Space' a history of mankind through it's cutlery.
'Notable Cutlery through Time and Space is a curated inventory of the most fascinating cutlery possessed by the members of the Society for Cutlery Appreciation. Commemorating their four hundred years of existence, the society holds some of the best wonders of forks, knives and spoons from around the world.
Conceived by the venerable Mr Gauci, in this compendium we delve into the world of cutlery, where each piece exhibits the successes and sometimes failures of mankind from the past to the future. Art, punishment, discoveries, failed attempts – these are just some of the subjects embodied in cutlery which we fix our gaze upon and discuss in this study. Stop trying to learn how to wield cutlery, and instead learn why you wield it.'