Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Neda Ghaffar

 Neda Ghaffar is from the Isle of Harris and has just graduated in Painting from Gray's school of art  her work abstracting the colour and pattern of mass prayers and exploring her identity as a British muslim.
“With all the negativity surrounding & stereotyping Muslims I wanted to bring to light the non-threatening traditions. Repetition & rhythm & focal throughout my work & I want to remind people of the innocent vibrant colours & rhythmic patterns associated with art from the Middle East.” Neda Ghaffar

"I'm inspired by a personal desire to understand my identity as a British Muslim in the 21st century. My work combines artistic and personal traits from the Middle East and the West. I concentrate on the shapes and patterns seen from a distance of mass prayers and the facade of equality it creates." Neda Ghaffar