Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Yeji Yun

Love these wintry and watery musical illustrations by Korean illustrator Yeji Yun


  1. Hello Hazel. I enjoy looking at your new posts every day (and Red Riding Hood as well) but I've never commented, which seems a bit ungrateful ! So, thank you for introducing me to so many different artists and illustrators, from so many parts of the world.

    1. Thank you Isobel for taking time to comment.
      It was lovely getting your message yesterday and seeing your work. I wondered if you had ever seen the work of Joanne K Kaar as I think you would like it.
      Best wishes

    2. Hello again Hazel. Thanks for the recommendation to look at Joanne Kaar's work. I love it, particularly "She is really different to her sister" and the idea of the portable museums of curiosity. I graduated in June, so I'm at that cast adrift stage now! Thanks again. Isobel.