Monday, 1 September 2014

Michael Mapes

These works fragment the familiar to abstraction and yet leave just enough information for our minds eye to recognize and fill the gaps, in the same way that we can recognize words and text when half the letters are removed or mixed around.  
Michael Mapes uses very familiar dutch masterpieces to base his fragmented collaged works on and recreates a kaleidoscopic interpretation using fragments of photographic prints, sequins, fake nails, costume jewelry, insect pins, gelatin capsules and glass vials amongst other things. Gathering and arranging evidence to prompt us into putting it together like detectives.

"They're fairly tedious to create," he says, "so I try to bring a painter-like approach to working on them. Making changes that involve so many individual elements can be challenging, if not punishing, but my interest lies in discovering the composition of the work while making it." Michael Mapes