Sunday, 31 August 2014

Rieko Koga I

I am in a strangely stripey and black and white mood this weekend, or at least it is not a mood, but more this is what is appealing to my eye. 
Here are some examples of work from Japanese artist Rieko Koga I like it because having done so many stitched word works I know the time and patients they require, but I also like its visual simplicity, like a doodle that has not been composed but has woven itself out of distraction.
Rieko currently lives and works in Paris creating small art pieces and large installations.


  1. Amazing work....I love these....& yes patience it takes to stitch!

  2. I must admit to letting our a little gasp when I realised it was stitched. There's such a sense of line work here. your description is very poetic.

  3. Really like this! Thank you for sharing this work.