Friday, 6 June 2014

Amy Rice IV

Traveling today and so I thought this wonderful illustration by Amy Rice summed up how I feel though unfortunately I have to use trains planes and automobiles. Amy Rice often uses old letters and envelopes as the base of her illustrations and graphic work, though lately she is also using maps for typography editions.

Amy's work has a lovely light peaceful uality and this she explains with her; 'Be Attitudes' As in, “an attitude you should have, how you should be.”

"My first artist statement for my first art show was:
Grow Flowers
Ride a Bike
Love an Animal
Learn Something New
Find Your Wings
Make Art of it All
It is my own Beatitudes (be attitudes). How I be happy. A decade plus into my art career and I rarely finish a piece of art that doesn’t echo those sentiments." Amy Rice 


  1. Such a nice work! May I show this on my blog (with backlink of course)?