Thursday, 16 January 2014

Liberated from the paper

Sometimes I forget how good the simplest classes can be.

This week in one class I asked the students to paint directly onto the table. A hurdle in itself in terms of thee freedom to do this, but after many "are we allowed's?"  they set about the tables, one student happily painting a whole very large table much larger than my paper could capture in a print. There was a sense of glee and euphoria through out the whole class, as they were freed from rules and the boundaries of paper.

There are so many ways of producing monoprints, this time we used ready mixed poster paint, sometimes we used bubble wrap and cling film to transfer the print from table to paper, and we also experimented  with home made tools to move (comb) the paint, similar to marbling.
If they worked well they were stand alone pieces of art if not, then some were used to over print and others will be used for collage.

A good technique to use at the end of a class if you have big amounts of paint on trays that cannot be stored.