Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Inez Storer I

"My work usually has an aspect of implied history, both through the use of the figure as well as objects that are a part of my "home" collections. The figures have a tendency to be slightly off balance, or passing from one reality to another. The absurd is of great interest, usually through the use of unconscious motivations. The figures can fill the landscape, either in a psychic way or in ways that are above gravity-pulled orientations. In using an imagined format of the surreal, I am able to work a more unreal world of fantasy. It does always seem like fantasy to me. There is often an attempt at an unrealized form of danger, close, in fact, to the real emotional, sometimes physical precariousness. It seems to be a way of seeking clarity and identity through a parallel of sense of isolation. After all, I work alone in my studio almost every day."