Friday, 28 June 2013

Spencer Byles I

Feathery Friday, people are getting their wings ready here. Many of my friends are leaving work today permanently and some are just stretching their wings ready for the summer holidays.
These beautiful feathers are by artist Spencer Byles, who last year completed 'a Year in a French Forest' making site specific sculpture and art. 
Spencer is a dynamo of creative energy and these feathers are part of a larger story and installation, a site specific piece constructed from paper, a material that has been a mainstay of Spencer's work in the past. 


  1. Beautiful idea and handmade feather reminds me of the film by Wim Wenders Wings of desire.. when the wings became some feather, it loses its meaning of freedom. Maybe Friday is just another Words for nothing left to loose.

  2. Yes, these feathers really are lovely and I was so surprised to see my brother's artwork here!
    Sandra Byles